Introducing the Board Members—

Nancy Spears began a gluten free journey as  the wife of a celiac husband, diagnosed in 1997.  She has five grown children; three daughters diagnosed celiac, one son who diagnosed himself gluten intolerant, and one son who is a gluten eater.  Nancy has been gluten free completely since 2005, and since then has realized that she is gluten intolerant. 

As the number of her grandchildren grows, so does the Grand Rapids gluten free community.  This is the reason the Celiac Kids Support Group was formed, a ministry of Anchor Baptist Church.  She is the Event Coordinator for the Annual Gluten Free Food Fair hosted by Anchor Baptist Church. 

Nancy Spears

John Chapin was diagnosed in the fall of 2008. The diagnosis was no surprise as the condition is hereditary and his father was diagnosed some 10 years earlier. Subsequently his sister joined the "gluten-free family team." John—who has always loved to cook and bake—already knew many of the issues related to living gluten-free, having watched his mother learn to cook GF for his dad. This helped ease his personal transition to a gluten-free lifestyle.

John has spent much of his career creating training materials for adult learners, and he brings those skills to his new position on the board, eager to share information about Celiac disease and how to live gluten-free.

In addition to cooking, John's interests include an active role at his church and he is a regular member of the audience for much of Grand Rapids' lively theatre scene.

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